Friday, April 30

New Chrysler 300

I was at a meeting at a car dealer regarding their possible need for a sound system. I arrived about 20 minutes early so I took the time to check out the new 300.

At first glance this looks like a Bentley, but needless to say the price is just a little less. I really like the body style. It's probably the old man in me coming out, but I like that low sedan thing it has going. The down side to the car is the inside just feels cheap. Lots of plastic that looks like plastic. The dash had little bumps under the vinyl like the glue was showing through or something.

I was kinda glad that I was disappointed. I am not really upto buying American due to the depreciation and quality issue.

Oh yea, the meeting was a total waste of time, no sale. But, it was kind of fun trying to sale to a car sales man.

Happy Friday! Cheers!

Friday, April 23

The Negative Effects of Alcohol

Thanks to Byrkmantra for the heads up on this entertaining animation- The Negative Effects of Alcohol.

Insert Asshole Here

If you ever drive on the North Dallas tollway anywhere near Plano the site of Porches, BMWs and Hummers are all to common.

The other day while driving north on the tollway I looked in my rear view mirror to see your typical little black Porche Boxter convertible ( is there any other kind) weaving in and out of traffic driving at top speed. Traffic was pretty heavy with the typical bottle neck at the toll plaza. So, I am driving with the flow of traffic keeping a safe distance between me and the next guy. Because you never know when and idiot will slam on the breaks or make some type Kamikaze lane change.

Needless to say Mr. Black Porche chooses the Kamikaze lane change in front of me at the concrete barrier just before you go under the tolltag lane. He was within inches of taking my front bumper off. So I graciously laid on the horn and by his reaction I don't think he had a clue how close he came to causing a serious accident. I didn't let the near collision really bother me, because if you drive in North Dallas it's an everyday occurrence to have some idiot pull some type of stupid move.

As I watch Mr Porche drive ahead of me, I notice he is still weaving in and out of traffic being the stereo typical asshole in a Porche. I had a little time on my hands that afternoon so I began to follow him. What was funny is that I did not have to make the same type of Kamikaze moves to get to the same point in traffic as him. We both existed and both turned right at the light. I continued to drive in front of him by the luck of the of traffic Gods. Not really trying to follow him to close, I was doing a good job of staying right with him for several miles. He did seem a bit nervous because I am sure he recognized my vehicle.

Anyway, I hope I shed a little light into the void of Mr Porche's driving skills. When buying a vehicle of this type, it must read insert asshole here in the owners manual.

Happy Friday and Cheers!

Sunday, April 18

Pink and Stinging

It's always nice to spend several hours out in the sun in 80 degree weather with the wind blowing through your hair watching the kiddies play soccer. Until you get home and realize your legs sting and your face and neck are a bit on the pink side of red. Pass the aloe, please.

Thursday, April 1

Pimp my ride

With the recent trend of plus size tires, spinner rims and pimping your ride, I want to put some chrome rims on my minivan. Yes that’s right, I drive a minivan. It was more practical than a big ole SUV. I actually like the ride. It seats 7 uncomfortably and is great for trips.

I have always had a thing about wheels, but have never had a vehicle with nice rims. After all weren’t vans the first pimped out automobiles with shag carpet, bars, captain chairs and TVs. The down side of pimping my ride is the cost. Some of these tire combos run in the thousands. Not the kind of money I am willing to invest, but it would be fun to see the results.