Thursday, March 25

On the ride home today the song "Boys in the Hood" by Dynamite Hack was playing. I know it's not the most politically correct song but it makes me smile. Nothing like white boys singing gangsta rap.

It's almost Friday so be happy.

Wednesday, March 17


I've been busy. New job and all. You got to love a job that you get to listen to music all day, meet restaurant and business owners and generally work with nice peeps. Now how to make mo money.


Saturday, March 6

Ahhhh Chilling

Listening to Coldplay and drinking a few glasses of a Ca. Cab. Oh hell...who am I kidding, I will be having the whole damn bottle and then some.

It's always fun to listen to good music, hear a guitar riff you like and find the tabs you can actually play. Now my fingers hurt. I'm rambling...I know. But the simple things make me happy. Can't wait till the wife gets home so I can play "God put a smile upon your face" for her.