Sunday, February 29

Stupid Commercial

Have you seen the Honda commercial that has two guys getting reading to bungee jump from a bridge, but stop when the see the people below playing volleyball on the beach?

Just how did they think they were going to get down from the bridge after they jumped? Maybe it was a lovers leap or something.

It's Leap Day

You would think this would be some type of holiday or something. It only happens every 4 years sometimes as long as 8 years. Apparently leap years can be determined if the year is divisible by 4 or 400. This site explains the details.

Happy Leap Day!

Lost Dog

One of my neighbors lost their dog the other day. Last night as we were driving through our neighborhood, I noticed all the lost dog fliers on every pole and post on every corner. My better half then informed me that the dog was found several days ago. So why haven't the fliers been taken down?

Being the good neighbor, I decided that I would call the number on the flier and ask about taking down the fliers. Trying to be as positive about her loss and finding her pet, I gave the number call. Let's just say the bitch was rude, asking me who I was and not being very nice about the subject. I have a feeling that I was not the only caller. At that point no more mister nice guy. I basically told her to take down the fucking fliers. But I did not say the f-word, but I sure wanted to. ask your neighbors for help to find your pet that you are to stupid to keep tabs on and then you litter our streets with your trash and do not respect your neighbors by removing your signs.

Of course today it's windy as hell and raining. I'm sure the stupid bitch will let mother nature take care of the signs. I hate inconsiderate people.

Saturday, February 28

Car or Not to Car?

I am driving all over the DFW area with the new job. I do get paid a nice car allowance, but man it seems like such as waste of gas and money. Driving a vehicle that seats 7 uncomfortably maybe the problem.'s not an SUV. I have a daddy van. Not really into the big SUV thing like most the people in suburbia.

Is there such a thing as a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and seats a family of 5? I hate car shopping or maybe just car salesmen. That's probably why I bought my last 2 cars at Carmax, no haggling. But the Carmax here do not sale new cars. This is going to take some research.

Thursday, February 26

Yippee Ki Yo Ki Ay

Life is good! My refrigerator is under warranty!

It doesn't take much to excite me...and tomorrow is Friday.

Wednesday, February 25


I was explaining today to one of my co-workers what kind of friend I am.

We were out looking for new business to call on for our services. That sounds dirty for some reason, like we are prostitutes or something, anyway... I realized that we were near one of my very old friend's place of work. I explained to my co-worker that I am one of those people that may not see or talk to you for months or hell even years, but will call or drop by like I just spoke to you yesterday.

Most of my old friends know I'm this way. I do like being social, but moving around the country so much has made it harder to keep in better touch. And... time does seem to fly by.

Monday, February 23

SG1 Anonymous

Is it wrong to watch SG1 for 4 hours every Monday as well as the new 1 hour episode on Friday? Richard Dean Anderson a.k.a. MacGyver grows on you after awhile.

Sunday, February 22

Lost in Translation

If you haven't seen this movie, you need to. Enough said...


Nothing like waking up to a puddle of water and everything in the freezer unthawed. Still not sure what's up with the fridge. You would think an appliance that cost about 2K would be more reliable. I'm just glad I did not pay for it. We are holding on to it for my little bro until he moves into better digs.

Everything was still cold or partially frozen. Now what can I make with 2 chicken breast, a pound of ground meat, 2 packs of turkey lunch meat and lots of sandwich cheese slices?

Thursday, February 19

Sex bracelets

Apparently in Norway the latest fad for kids are sex bracelets. The schools are already banning the bracelets from being worn. Below shows the de-coded meaning of the bracelets. Yellow seems a little off, if you ask me. Sticking your tongue down someone's throat is just a little different than getting poked by another appendage. And...I'm not sure by wearing the bracelets you are saying you are willing to receive or give. I sure could use several "yellows" this weekend, either meaning. It's all good.

Yellow: intercourse, French kissing
Blue: oral sex
Red: physical contact
White: friendship
Green: give a flower
Pink: give a hug

Wednesday, February 18

Poor and Venting

I am feeling poor or at least strapped for cash. This new job seems promising. I know some of the peeps are bringing in the bucks. I also know it'll take time. It will just be nice to get the ball rolling and bring in the cashola.'s only been a day.

Tuesday, February 17

My first day at the new job is tomorrow. I have already gotten 6 calls from the sales manager and the account executives wanting me to go out on appointments with them.

I guess this is a good thing. I was hoping to spend a few days going over past jobs and maybe learn the products. I also wanted to contact our vendors for a meet a greet, get product literature and get a feel for how things work.

I do know they need to stop calling me on my personal cell phone and get me a company paid phone from nextel.

If you know anyone needing a commercial 70 volt sound system with 60 plus commercial free audio packages or messaging let me know. I work for the people who made elevator music famous.

Saturday, February 14

Baby Oil

Check out my new flash on!

Got back from Denver last night about midnight. The trip was a blast even though it was work related. It was freezing cold around zero at night. We still managed to go out at night after our 8 hour meetings and have a little fun and drink. A small group of us went to Bolder for dinner on our last night. We really had a great time laughing, chatting, drinking, eating and getting to know each other. The only down side to the trip was I got a major head cold.

Nothing like meeting new people with a head full of snot. I was so congested and I had no way of getting out to the store for drugs. During one of our breakfast meetings I did managed to snag some sudifed from the emergency medicine cabinet in the break room. The worst was flying back with a stuffy head. Luckily the flight was direct and pretty short.

It always feels good to be home and sleep in my own bed. I need to knock this cold out this weekend. Luckily my Doctor over prescribes the antibiotics, so I have an ample supply to help with this cold.

Happy Valentines Day and go play in the snow.

Snow in Big D on V.D.

Wednesday, February 11

Flying to Denver

Got a call last night from my new boss asking if I could make a flight out today for a meeting in Denver; of course I said yes.

The older I get the less I like to fly; not sure why. I did have a dream last night about being on a plane that felt like it was going to crash. I remember seeing snow and trees without their leaves. The plane was in a sharp right turn and I knew we were going down. The only thing I could think of at the time was how painful the trees were going to be when we crash. Then I woke up.

I also had a dream about an ex-coworker who kept showing me her boobs and complaining about here nipples. Not sure what that was all about. Must be all the nipple-gate stories still flooding the news. I've never seen my ex-coworkers boobs either. It's funny how your mind fills in the blanks. Did it take some past nipple reference stored in my brain or did it create new ones? Oh well...

Denver's daytime high today will be 23 and it will feel like 14. I guess taking long underwear would be a good thing. I want return until Friday the 13th, so no posting for a few days. I'm glad I'm not superstitious.

Well it's time to start getting ready just after my black cat walks in front of me while I walk under my ladder to pick up the mirror I just broke.


Monday, February 9

I have a new job!

It's been an interesting day today. I got a call from the president of the company of the job I accepted last week. He informs me that the VP of the Company is no loner with the company and there have been some changes and I will not be able to start my new job on Tuesday as planned. He wants to set a meeting to discuss my future position. I have yet to call him back to set the meeting.

Luckily during the past week, I have continued to interview. After interview number 4 with a different company, I now have a new job. I was beginning to stress. I lost the job I thought I had and had not heard from the job I really wanted. But I have finally gotten a job with a real company and it should be lots of fun.

Gun Barrel City

This is one place I will probably never need to go again. Bigger than I thought. Your typical one main road kinda of town with the usual places - Sonic, McDonald's, Burger King, a new Lowes and yes a WalMart. Instead of SUVs and Mini Vans the most popular vehicle was a Pick-up. But you could have guessed that one yourself. It was on a nice looking lake, but the homes were old.

If this ain't Texan

I have a 1:30 meeting in Gun Barrel City. If that ain't a Texas town name, I don't know what is? This was suppose to be my 10:00 am interview meeting today. I guess 1:30 is better. I am going to have to leave by 11:30 just to make it on time. They better hire me after this road trip.

What is really ironic is that we haven't really talked money. On my first interview with corporate I did give them my past salary for the same job. But there is still that uncertainty that the pay may suck and all of this was a waste of time. Well at least I have the backup job starting tomorrow.

How many interviews does it take?

I thought last night I was going to be offered a new job, but instead they want me to meet some of the sales people today out on appointments. This will make interview number 4.

All I have been told is that the sales person's appointment is at 10:00am about 1 hour outside of Dallas and they will contact me. I was hoping to get a call last night. An hour in which direction outside of Dallas can be a huge difference. Hell I live 40 minutes from Dallas. Depending on the location, it may be more like a 2 hour drive.

I got up early so that I can be ready when they call. Here it's almost 7:00am and still no call. I hate waiting and I hate being late. Time to go get pretty.

Sunday, February 8

Mmmmm Snuffers

Just ate at the new Snuffers in Plano. The place was packed at noon. They have the best Fried Mushrooms and Chicken Sandwiches in town.

Saturday, February 7


I just started using Mozilla. I think I like it. I was so tired of IE being high jacked or just being slow.

Friday, February 6

As the job turns

We continue our episode with a third interview. Now the wait begins. They should make an offer this weekend. I still have the small problem of starting a different new job on Tuesday. When it rains... To soon to celebrate though, but I do have two bottles of wine with my name on them.

Cheers and Happy Friday!

Mad World

Being an 80's music fan, I was and still am a fan of Tears for Fears. I think they are reuniting this summer. Until then, Gary Jules has covered Mad World on his new CD Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets. Take a listen.

Thursday, February 5

This is to funny

Actor Rob Schneider (news) poses for a photo as he arrives at the premiere of '50 First Dates' at Mann Village Theater, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2004, in Los Angeles.

10 most dangerous intersections in US

As I was looking up a map for my job interview today, I see this link. F-ing great! I live near #8 on the 10 most dangerous intersections. I always knew it was bad and avoid it as much as possible. But now, I have even more reason to stay away.

The most dangerous intersections in Texas:

1. Plano State Highway 121 & Preston Road 1937
2. Addison Belt Line Road & Midway Road 1887
3.Houston State Highway 6 & Westheimer Road 1836
4. Austin U.S. Highway 183 & FM 620 1783
5. Dallas Frankford Road & Midway Road 1754

The number to the right is number of crashes.

If I plan my work drive correctly, I can actually go through three out of five on a daily bases.

Which Simpson are you?

Apparently I am Lisa, for some reason that is disturbing.
Take the test here.

Wednesday, February 4


Meet Sake, pronounced like the wine.
My new sleeping buddy.
He's a short haired oriental
Who is very vocal and uses me as his personal heater.
Currently watching me from on top of the pc monitor.

Tuesday, February 3

New Job!

I have a new job starting Monday. This is a total change from my usual position. But, I like what they do and I think I will be happy there. I would be happier with more money, but times are still weird. I have always been in niche market, making employment difficult. This new position may open some other avenues. Luckily my other half is doing well and has become the bread winner and she is very supportive as long as the bills are getting paid with a little extra for fun.

It never fails that as soon as you accept one position another one comes up. I just got a call from a much large company in my old field. If the money is better, I may have to consider it. Maybe I can get interview before Monday, just to keep things open. The only downside would be it locks me into a technical position and that's were I'm at now. Not sure if it is the best thing long term.


I can truly say that this is not something I have given much thought until Miss Jackson's recent nipple-gate. I know there are many people these days with nipple piercings. I have also been told it is probably one of the most painful piercings you can have. But, I was unaware of "nipple shields".

They are basically a decorative cap that goes around the nip, then your stud keeps it in place. Clever...It's nice to see people with nipple jewelry have some options.

One very important thing you must be concerned about before purchasing your shield is the diameter of you nipple. I know nipples come in all shapes and sizes, but now you will need to know their diameter. From what I have found your nipple can range from 8mm to 16mm in size. So get out your calipers and visit the people here for your nippleware.

Monday, February 2

Visited Sates in Red

Just think, I use to have shot glasses from all these states. What the hell was I thinking?

Create your own visited states map here!

Happy Groundhog Day!

What really happened on groundhog day.

Miss Jackson if you please

My first reaction to the boob flash was"Did I just see what I think I saw?" and my second was "Why does she have on a gold pasty?"

Janet Jackson reacts after fellow singer Justin Timberlake ripped off one of her chest plates at the end of their half time performance at the XXXVIII Super Bowl in Houston, February 1, 2004. REUTERS/Pierre Ducharme

Sunday, February 1

Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl XXXVIII. Seating is still available. If you have $146,000 burning a hole in your pocket you can get a suite for the game. Drinks and food are included too! For that kind of cash it better come nude models reenacting the plays.

A Super Bowl Story:

Bob received a free ticket to the Superbowl from his company. Unfortunately, when Bob arrived at the stadium he realized the seat was in the last row in the corner of the stadium. He was closer to the Goodyear Blimp than the field!

About halfway through the first quarter, Bob noticed an empty seat 10 rows off the field right on the 50-yard line. He decided to take a chance and made his way through the stadium and around the security guards to the empty seat.

As he sat down, he asked the gentleman sitting next to him, "Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?"

The man said "No."

Very excited to be in such a great seat for the game, Bob said to the man next to him, "This is incredible! Who in their right mind would have a seat like this at the Superbowl and not use it?!"

The man replied, "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Superbowl we haven't been to together since we got married in 1967."

"That's really sad," said Bob, "But still, couldn't you find someone to take the seat? A relative or a close friend?"

"No," the man replied, "They're all at the funeral."