Saturday, January 31

Trail Run Job

The job was cool. I went in for a trail run to see how things work and so they could see me in action. My goals have always been to be in a more creative field and not so driven toward technology. Technology has treated right so far, but I missed being in a more design related field. This job will give the best of each of my worlds without a technology based product.

The office space and showroom area is a little disorganized and there is talk of the office moving to better digs down in the design district. I use to work down there many years ago. The drive however is going to be twice as long.

As I was sitting there, Max Wienberg was on the phone and then later talk of 50 Cent's media room. I like dealing with high dollar clients. Not a big fan of 50 Cent, but these are the type of clients that can afford 100K media rooms and seating that ranges from 2 to 3k seat. Oh to be rich...but, I am sure they are not happy. I would like not to be happy like that too.

They are suppose to let me know by Monday if I am to be hired. Their biggest concern is the cashola. It is much less than past gigs, but I am welling to give it ago. The potential for the money to change is good overtime. I hate telling potential employers past salaries, some time it works against you.

Friday, January 30


I am going to a potential new job today. They asked me to come in for a test run to see how things operate and to decide if I like the place.

So that I would be as alert and fresh as possible, I only had one glass of wine and went to bed at a reasonable hour. I had been asleep for a few hours and kept hearing something as I kept falling in and out of sleep. Finally, I realized the damn smoke detector battery was low and the damn smoke detector was chirping. Unfortunately I am unable to reach our ceiling without a ladder, so it was out of bed I go to the garage for the ladder.

I have lost more sleep over these detectors than I ever thought possible. They also have an LED that is so bright that it actually cast a shadow. Of coarse it is located right at the head of the bed, directly on my side. A little tape took care of the LED problem.

Oh well better safe than sorry at least they are working. I did get plenty of sleep and I may have a new job.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 29

New Design

I think I like my new design for this blog. I enjoy changing it, sometimes more than posting itself. If you are having trouble making out the background image, it's a baby with a foot in it's mouth...Get it.

Bands Reunited

I have been watching the new VH1 series Bands Reunited. Most of the bands have been from the 80's and broke up 15 to 20 years ago for one reason or another. I was watching the show last night and they were reuniting Dramarama. Who the fu@k is Dramarama?

Apparently they were some bad hair band that broke up around 1994. I have always kept pretty current with music, but (there is always a big butt)I can honestly say I had never heard of them. I think they were a New Jersey one hit wonder mainly known by the locals.

The show is interesting with yet another twist on reality TV. Tonight they will attempt to reunite The Alarm.

Wednesday, January 28

Teeth Whitening Part 2

Nothing like foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog for 2 hours. The results were not as good as I would have liked. My teeth did whiten some, but they are still noticeably stained. The box does recommended repeated treatments until desired effect. They also make no claim on how much whiter they will make your teeth.

I could tell I had done something to my teeth. They were more sensitive at first to cold and my gums burned a little. No pain no gain. Today teeth sensitivity seem to be back to normal and the gum thing is better.

When the cash flow is better, I guess I will go and pay the Dentist for a whitening treatment.

Speaking of cash flow getting better...I may have a new job. I am going in Friday for a test run to see if I like it. Let's see work=money=I like. They product line is cool. I am sure it will work out.

Tuesday, January 27

Tricky 'MyDoom' e-mail worm

Wow, I got the email-worm sent to me today. Luckily I do not open any unknown email. Read more...

Teeth Whitening

I set here typing with mouth pieces full of teeth whitening gunk. I have tried a few of these products in the past but I can never make it for the 14 day period. I am just to impatient. I have never had great teeth, but I can not stand how they have yellowed overt time. Twenty plus years of serious Coffee, Tea, Cokes and Red Wine will do a number on your smile. My latest attempt is Rembrandt's 2 Hour Whitening treatment. I did a little research prior to my purchase and a least this has the right type of peroxide (carbamide).

"Spit Break",I am foaming at the mouth. I just don't think swallowing this shit could possibly good for my insides. Anyway by 3 o'clock I have should have a bright new smile.

Another Interview

Had another job interview today. This one was with a company of very high end custom home theater seating. If you've ever watched the show cribs, you have seen their seating. I like the idea of a job that sales to the ridiculously wealthy. Right now its between me and one other person. So over the next week it's going to make for lots of sleepless nights thinking about the job situation.

My other interview went well. They wanted to fly the owner in to meet me for a second interview. Their pay plan really sucked. Unfortunately the company seem pretty cool. I can't go 6 months without a check. Hell, I will work temp jobs before I subject myself to 6 months of no pay. Been there done that and ain't goin to do it again. I let them down easy. It sucks turning down a job, but it's not fair to me or the employer if I take a job with the intent of quitting.

Friday, January 23

Friday Thought

They say "You should eat before going shopping at the grocery store, never shop hungry". I guess that doesn't apply to the liquor store.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 22

It's a happy day.

I have an interview today. I am pretty sure they will offer me a position. We just haven't talked money, yet. This company seems to be large enough and we share the same philosophy of the type of business both of us are wanting to bring in. I just hope it's not another dud. I have had 2 dud companies in the past 2 years and I am really tired of looking for work.

Wednesday, January 21

Matrix Ping Pong

I saw this performance a month or so ago and still get a kick out of it every time I run across the link. Take a look.

Monday, January 19

Now I get it

I wonder if Fibonnaci numbers would work for the lottery?

T-Shirt Hell

Where to buy bad but funny t-shirts

We are all just soup.

It's the celebration or the observance of MLK Jr. today. Some businesses will be closed because it has become a national holiday. Hell I am all for taking a day off for any reason. For some reason this is probably one of the first holidays I have noticed that Google does not have a cute little banner...makes ya think.

What bugs me though is how "The Dream" is constantly be shoved down my throat. Just because MLK was a "Black" man does not make this a "Black" holiday. And the word Black or White to describe a person is just absurd. Are we still not separating the races by putting labels on them. In filling out several job applications lately, I have noticed the word Caucasian is no longer present, but the word White is. No longer do we see Afro-American but black. I am sorry but I am not "White", maybe German, Italian or Greek but not WHITE.

I hate describing a person by starting with their color. Question: "Hey, can you tell me where James is setting?" Answer: "Yes, he is the Black guy with the red shirt setting right there." I always try a make a conscious effort not to use color to describe a person. Alternate Answer: "Yes, he is the guy with the red shirt setting right there with Star Trek crap on his desk." It's funny but we use nationality with Asians and Hispanics not color. "yea, its' the Yellow or Light Brown guy over there."

Because we still use terms like Black and White, we are still making a point that we are different. Wasn't MLK's dream for equality and the races be treated fairly and the same. I for one do not care what color your skin is. I have always been raised in multiracial environment in the South. I have dated outside my "race". Hell, I prefer Asian and Hispanic women over "White" girls anyway. See I sued "white" too, damn.

After living in Atlanta for many years you start to develop a bitterness toward the term "Black". It's almost like reverse discrimination their. Anyone or anything that may involve a person of color is news worthy. You just get tired of hearing about it after a while. What's funny about Atlanta is that "Black" is a very predominate race there or at least inside the "perimeter" (the beltway). But is also an area where you will find some of the worse racism I have ever seen. If go to some of the suburbs such as Lewisville or Gainesville, you will see "Whities" in full sheet handing out propaganda. It is to say the least scary as hell.

Does the term "Melting Pot" not ring a bell or have any meaning to people in this country anymore. Over time, if we do not kill each other first, the races should blend like a soup. All the ingredients will take on characteristics of the other ingredients with each sharing similarities, becoming one forming a soup and only called soup, not a bowl full of tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, but just soup.

Well I have rambled enough about color. I just wish we would stop using it to separate ourselves and be one race "Human".

Sunday, January 18


Sing it with me "Y M C A" . As many people do, I too have started my new year with the hopes of loosing weight and getting back into shape.

I have always had a problem about going to a gym. I just have this preconceived idea that most of the people there think it's a beauty contest. Not being single nor worried to much about impressing anyone at the gym, I finally got the nerve up to go thanks to my better half.

The "Y" has several benefits. No studs or studets prancing about. Just a lot of people there to sweat and workout. I have been going now for about 2 weeks, I hope I can keep it up. This particular location has an indoor track and pool with a variety of equipment. So far so good. I actually enjoy the soreness. I feel like I have done something good for my body when I wake up sore the next day.

I have told my other half that if I get in shape be prepared for lots of nudity around the house. Hell, if I am going to bust my butt I might as well show it off. Fortunately or unfortunately I am not quiet there yet.

Friday, January 16

Space Invaders

This is still one of my favorite throw-back games.

Fun "Flash"

Get Flashed

Bush in 30 Seconds

No it's not about the good kind of bush but the other. Here are the winners from the Anti-Bush political ads. Some of these make you think. Thanks to "dries" for the link.

Thursday, January 15

Picture Phones

Want to see what type of photos peeps take with to much time on their hands with picture phones. It's amazing how many guys take pics of their bits and pieces. If you must - Mobog

Euro Commercials

You have got to love commercials from other countries. Several can be seen at

Wednesday, January 14

to start anew

1st post on a new blog. "like a virgin...feels so good inside" I'm not really a blog virgin. I have come and gone in this blog world several times. I felt it was time to start anew.